I love love love to crochet. My Grandma (the first Grandma Dot) was my hero. I was not only named after her... I wanted to BE her. Her hands were always busy. I thought she was sooo ambitious, but later realized that it was probably nervous energy. She loved to sew, and she loved to crochet. So patiently she guided my fingers and proudly displayed my masterpieces. I now own many of them and they were anything but masterpieces. How Grandma would have loved the internet with its endless images and free crochet patterns.

When my own daughter came along I wanted to pass on this tradition, with its cherished memories, to my own "baby girl". The problem was... Tracy is a lefty. I tried and tried to teach her stitches, with much frustration and little success. Then Grandma tipped me off to teach her in front of a mirror. DUH. What turned out is that my Grandma taught my little girl, and another generation keeps Grandma alive through cherished memories.

Tracy has been bit by Grandma's "crochet bug". From the time she hit the double digits, through high school, college, grad school, working and anywhere went, her fingers were always intertwined with yarn. All her friends owned homemade afghans, from traditional granny squares to unusual and unique stitches. Her cousins all have dolls and toys made with her hands, and her nieces and nephews came into the world with a yarn and thread crochet wardrobe waiting for them; shoes and booties, dresses, and of course baby blankets galore. Her roommates and co-workers were blessed with bookmarks, hats, hair bows and purses, and my favorite... Her brother's collection of the ugliest Christmas sweaters you could imagine.

Last year, Tracy's life was altered forever by a young man who drove his truck into her drivers door. Having lost the use of her left hand she can no longer crochet and thus lives vicariously through the work of others. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But she does take pleasure in seeing the beautiful craftsmanship in the colorful and creative yarns and threads available. Thus this blog was birthed, to combine her passion for crocheting and her desire to help others get "bit by the bug" by providing a place where they can find fabulous free crochet patterns. Enjoy. Get bit. Let us know what you're up to. We want to hear your crochet story.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Free Crochet Butterfly Patterns

Butterfly Bouquet Afghan Butterfly Bouquet Afghan
Who doesn't love butterflies and flowers? They are some of the most popular designs in crochet. Make this unique afghan using easy single and double crochet stitches. Instructions are for a baby, child or adult size using baby/sport yarn or worsted weight. Patterns for both a solid color�and the dramatic multi-colored versions are included.


  1. These are gorgeous! I will definitely have to make up some of these after I finish my UFPs or maybe before I finish them :)

  2. UFP's??? Do you mean that I am not the only one who has Unfinished projects . . . .? Wow!
    That is good to know, I get really distracted when I see lots more goodies to make, and I am not done with what I last began. But, I look at it like this - I don't smoke, drink, spend a lot of money, or go running around with the "girls". I am really HAPPY when I am crocheting, and when I give the finished items to other people (yes, I do actually frequently finish some), the joy in their eyes makes me even happier and warms my heart. The people in the nursing home truly appreciate what I make for them. And when I was at a pizza place and saw a little girl having a birthday party, and I pulled out a freshly made crocheted lovey dolly to give her - the surprise and joy on her face made my day! And that is what matters, the UFPs will get finished - someday, and they will make someone happy, too!
    It drives my hubby crazy, but it makes ME and others happy, he just has to learn to understand, huh?

  3. Im making the 4th butterfly to make barefoot sandals with thanks for posting these they r great